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of, of what these two i'll use the term loosely people did. >> reporter: detectives described the two teens as evil and their crimes despicable. they say the suspect killed the woman at home, went to lunch, hung out with friends, came back at night to set the body on fire to cover up their tracks. alameda county sheriff's investigators say 18-year-old cody nicosia and 16-year-old christian birdsall killed barbara latiolais last wednesday over money. investigators say the 16-year- old is a distant relatives of the victim's long-time boyfriend a retired san francisco firefighter. they say the two teens planned the attack knowing the victim was home alone and her boyfriend was out of town. deputies birdsall offered the woman to do yardwork since they knew each other. once inside the house the suspects came behind the victim and choked her until she passed out. >> miss latiolais started making noises. she was not dead at that point. and the two of them took a rope and together they strangled her to death. >> reporter: detectives say the teens robbed her of jewelry, money and guns. they sa
pretenses. >> reporter: the state says no can do. >> there is no mechanism right now in state law to have us refund money to the foundation. we have reached out to them. we would like to have a conversation with them about that. we would like to keep that partnership alive. >> they have never tried to reach us and there hasn't been any email contact either. >> reporter: the briggs say the damage is done in trust and money. another $20 million that was pledged is evaporating. >> we had big donors lined up and we don't have them anymore as a result of this fiasco. >> reporter: if they can't get their refunds, the volunteer group wants a memorandum of understanding with the state that their money, the $279,000 they already wrote a check for, can only be used for henry coe state park. that was the presumption that a lot of people, allen, donated their money on. that's where nent the money to -- that's where they want the money to stay and they may need it at some point. >> the state legislature commended this group. where is the state legislature on this if there is no mechanism to refund the mo
it on camera. >> i have learned things the hard way like some of us do. >> reporter: mayoral candidate don gauge who has not had a bankruptcy says timing is everything. >> it's something that happened a year ago, i would have a great deal of concern. and i think the voters would, too. >> reporter: but gage says he won't condemn his competitors for something that happened in the distant past that's already been corrected. in gilroy, len ramirez, cbs 5. >>> one more note tonight on a public official who has run into a little trouble. port of oakland's maritime director james kwon is now on paid leave. records show that kwon spent more than $4,500 in public money at a strip club in houston during a 2008 conference. this story broke as he was attending another conference in china. he has been ordered to come home. >>> get your rain gear ready because we are about to get soaked. it look the most rain we have seen here in the bay area in six months. paul deanno has the weather forecast. >> april 25th the last time we have had widespread rainfall. this is typically when we first get our widesprea
way is not to use murder. >> reporter: the catholic church is telling its 10 million member congregation in california to stop using the death penalty by voting yes on the proposition 34. if passed more than 725 prisoners would be taken off death row and sentenced to life without parole. former san quentin warden says, getting rid of the death penalty would save the state $130 million per year. >> during my time there almost 100 died of natural causes or suicide. almost 100 others had their sentences overturned after years of appeals. when you think about it, we're spending this money on a handful of individuals who are right over there at san quentin who will likely die at san quentin. and it just makes no sense. >> reporter: she believes that the constant trials and appeals hurt victims' families for a longer period of time. >> some of them asked for the death penalty and came to realize the years of appeal and reading about the offender over and over again in the newspaper was a burden to them. >> reporter: opponents of prop 34 who want to keep the death penalty say it's
. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating the death as a suicide. >>> most of us know a water reservoir that supplies the bay area with clean water and energy. but what would it take to retore it to what it ones was? measure f is what it's called. cbs 5's grace lee tells us it's just a first step in what could be a long political road. >> reporter: voters are considering if they want to take a closer look at our energy and water alternatives if we were to drain hetch hetchy. it would be one of the most emotional issues on the ballot this november. water has buried the hetch hetchy valley since the early 1920's. it supplies san francisco with 85% of its drinking water. now there is a movement to drain the reservoir and restore it to look like its twin, yosemite valley, complete with green meadows, birds, an entire ecosystem restored. it sounds crazy this idea of draining something that's been around since the early 20's. do you think that's possible? >> totally doable. >> reporter: he believes that after just one or two years, we could restore the grassland. within 50 years, a
and let him have it. >> keep us updated. len ramirez, thank you. >>> one of the latest crime victims in oakland is a city council candidate robbed at gunpoint. it happened after he attended an anticrime meeting. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez on the robbery right outside the candidate's home. >> reporter: we're in a neighborhood here 51st near broadway. you know, this is not a place where they see a lot of crime but neighbors say they have noticed street crime lately and a man running for city council noticed it firsthand last night. >>> i had the phone with the earbuds in my phone. >> reporter: dan kalb, a candidate for oakland city council, district 1, was just getting back from a neighborhood crime prevention meeting last night around 8:30. he had just parked his car down the block from his north oakland home. >> i felt a poke right about here. >> reporter: what he felt, a robber's gun in his back. >> i thought oh, my god i just came from a neighborhood crime prevention council meeting and here i am now a victim of crime. >> reporter: he says he is okay. the robber took his iphone and
life better. that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. free on bail. yesterday, police say they d pound of marijuana >>> a hercules teacher arrested on suspicion of selling pot is free on bail. yesterday, police say they found more than 1 pound of marijuana and $4,000 inside the car of 66-year-old allen goodman of walnut creek. the car was parked at the hercules middle school parking lot and detectives are investigating whether drugs were sold at the school. >>> other bay area headlines now san francisco police say a gunman in a car shot at a plainclothes officer on 101 early this morning. the officer was not injured. the gunman and two others then led police on a car chase that ended in the mission district. police arrested one of the suspects and are looking for the other two. >>> san jose police arrested two women suspected of shooting another woman in a shopping center parking lot this morning. the victims survived at the plant shopping center. police investigating motive but they believe the victim and suspects kn
. that was not a choice that was up to us to make. and so what we are left with is where do we go from here? >> what i will say is, i very much want the archbishop to get to know the lgbt community community in san francisco and to meet people whose lives have been impacted by prop 8. >> reporter: now, both supervisors weiner and campos points out that the lgbt community has a history of openness and they very much hope there can be a dialogue going forward with the new archbishop here in the bay area. allen, back to you. >> thank you, mark sayre in san francisco. >>> so got any weekend plans? desperate for something to do any any reason to get out of the house? you have some options. >> reporter: from the site of the blue angels soars for fleet week to the giants and 49ers both playing at home there's america cups racing in the bay hardly strictly bluegrass in golden gate bridge, justin bieber, madonna, just so much going on. tonight as the bay area braces for the bustle, cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez reports the city can't wait for the windfall. >> it's going to be very busy and profitable. >> like wha
they are using lessons in the real world. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on how students got a measure to raise the minimum wage on the november ballot. >> reporter: students at san jose state have a long history of social activism and that history was recalled today as the latest generation of students tries to make an impact on the ballot box and on city policies. >> this is my home. this is my life. this is my legacy here. >> reporter: standing in the shadow depicting his olympic protest with tommy smith 44 years ago. >> i lost my life based on my beliefs, so be it i lose my life. >> reporter: the former san jose state student athlete and social activist john carlos urged today's students to take a stand. >> once you make a statement they can't take it back. >> reporter: it's a message that resonates on this campus where student activism is reaching the ballot box this november in the form of measure d. >> we just feel like this is a moral issue. >> reporter: it's a minimum wage ordinance that began in the classroom. they organized raised money and collected 35,000 signatures more than enoug
say he has been lying to probation officers and using aliases including sambasly sam basseley. yusef denver the charges. prosecutors stress his arrest had nothing to do with the movie. malala yousufzai denies the mark yousseff denies the charges. >> it was an excuse and trigger point to have more violence. >> mark yousseff has a full hearing next month. he could be sent back to prison for three years if convicted. and it could be the safest place for him because there are now several bounties out on his head. >>> a break in the case of a retired schoolteacher murdered in her home in hercules. her stolen car has been found. police spotted her subaru up in king county washington at 9:00 this morning. two people in the car were taken into custody. darnell and tania washington are being questioned. susie ko was found dead inside her home in hercules over the weekend. her car missing. police say darnell washington escaped from the san bernardino jail with the help of his wife tania back in august and since then police say the two went on a crime spree that included the attempted murder of
battle. >> keep us updated. thank you interest that. >>> the city of san francisco is not welcoming the golden state warriors for a few more years, but architects unveiled plans today for their new waterfront marina. >> reporter: covered with glass, the new basketball arena is getting closer to becoming a permanent part of the city's skyline. the first draft was shown to us. and the center piece is the basketball arena which would be built at pier 30 and 32. architects described the arena as lozenge shaped. the idea is to have it set back about 600 feet and turn it at an odd angle in order to allow businesses to maintain their site lines to the bay. >> we have opened up a great deal of access to the harbor and parallel, along the water's edge. >> reporter: they are going to be building about 600 parking spots on site and ferry service to drop you off right at the arena. there will also be music fans as they plan to have concerts and other activities here. the arena will only take up half the site. they plan to develop a shopping center and even a movie theater on the property. >> th
but what is there about the system that allows it to be gamed here. >> we use a blend of gas not used anywhere else in the country. as a result, when we get know a supply problem, we can't import gasoline that's used in other parts of the country to smooth out that shortage. >> reporter: while the governor's order to allow the winter blend gas to come in is not a long-term answer, at this point the public will take any relief they can get. >> it all counts. 4 gallons for 22 bucks. not cool. >> reporter: it's not cool for any of the drivers here having to pay this much especially when the rest of the nation's gas is even lower than ours by about a dollar. the question, the timing of this? there is nothing like this to get people upset and after all, the election is just a couple of weeks away. >> the timing has people moving. >> whatever. as long as it drops a dime a gallon by midweek. that's all i care about. phil matier at the pumps, thanks. >>> of course what goes up generally comes back down. but why at such vastly different speeds? >> cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says
likely to investigate us and arrest us for prostitution than to go after a perpetrator. >> reporter: she is not the only one concerned about proposition 356789 the northern california chapter of the aclu also voiced concerns because they say proposition 35 limits free speech online but a roundtable shows 78% of voters will vote yes on prop 35. >> thank you. >>> a crackdown on officers in the oakland police department. dozens face serious disciplinary action for the way they handled "occupy" protests and two are even being fired. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez has more on the fallout and joe, we haven't seen anything like this in recent memory. >> reporter: the trib union is reporting this is the largest mass discipline in the department's history. according to the "oakland tribune." >>> reporter: nearly a year after of clashes between "occupy oakland" protestors and police began, police chief howard jordan says his internal affairs investigation has reached a conclusion that more than 40 of his officers broke the rules and will face consequences for it. the chief reports 44 oakland officers
their decision in sacramento. now it's back to us for us to decide. what happens remains to be seen. the governor remains firm. if he doesn't get taxes he is pulling the trigger on those cuts. >> could be so devastating to the educational system and we already know what place we're in as a state compared to the other 49 -- 47. >> reporter: that's right. >> phil matier, thank you very much. >>> new details in the stabbing death of a retired teacher from hercules. the contra costa district attorney's office filed formal murder charges against darnell washington and his wife tania. police arrested the couple earlier this month near seattle after they say they spotted them driving susie ko's stolen car. they are suspect of kill ko in a crime spree that includes a jail break in san bernardino county and injuring a sheriff's deputy in los angeles. >>> a new round of promotions today inside the oakland police department and it means more than just a group of officers getting pay raises. cbs 5 reporter da lin on how it could help the city steer clear of a federal takeover. >> reporter: a joyous time for
are managing to make their way back east from the bay area. cbs 5 report he elissa harrington shows us they are answering a cross-country call for help. >> i have been sleeping on that little sofa over there. >> reporter: tommy nguyen is among thousands of stranded travelers waiting out sandy in an airport. he is trying to get back to new york where he is a grad student and does not want to miss class. he spent the night at sfo unable to change his flight over the phone. >> whenever i try to call them, the automated machine told me that the volume is too much and i couldn't contact them, and they hang up on me every time when i try to call them. >> reporter: more than 15,000 flights have been grounded and in the past two days, almost 300 to an from sfo. california rescue crews however are getting as close as they can to the storm and what's left in its wake. yesterday the california national guard sent military airplanes, helicopters and pararescue teams to assist in flood zones. and today, pg&e crews are gearing up to help the millions left without power. >> pitching in, in the wake o
us the hot weather now it's just off to our west. we are getting the onshore flow and things will be cooler this weekend. we are going to stay dry but the cooling trend continues. there is rain associated with this low. we'll talk about when that arrives in my full forecast in 15 minutes. >> weather sports and entertainment reporter. >> all in one. >> paul, thanks. >>> well, if you are brave enough to enter the city on this hectic weekend, avoid those heavy traffic areas. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington rode along with the chp for a preview of those troublesome spots. >> reporter: there are so many events around the bay area, it will be hard to avoid a traffic area no matter where you are but one of the biggest problems behind me. the bay bridge. expected to get very congested especially tomorrow afternoon. so people are advised to give themselves at least one to two hours to get to their events on time. fleet week airshows, america's cup races, 49ers and giants games, just a few of the events happening in san francisco this jam-packed weekend. >> we expect about one millio
! >>> the giants win is translating in dollars for bay area merchants. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us how one local merchandiser felt an impact immediately. >>> reporter: as fans celebrated, mike smith and his team at graphic sportswear were working overnight. >> great to be part of it to see your t-shirt on tv, players wearing t my friends, family calling me, is that your shirt? is that your shirt? >> reporter: workers went into overdrive after the giants won the pennant. the team of's win translated into a business win for smith. >> normally we're done with christmas orders during october. and usually now our presses aren't running. but this has really helped us. >> reporter: fresh off the printing screens to at&t's dugout store. the store opened earlier than normal but not early enough for some die-hard fans. >> had to get it before everybody else got it so you can support the team and just proud, proud to be a san franciscan. >> showing the pride for the team and the fact that we won six elimination games in a row to do this. it's pretty am pressive. >> reporter: ground crews prepped
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